This is THE website to help you find the right low energy bulb. Choosing the right low energy bulb is an important choice to make. The light bulb has revolutionized the way we live. Without it, we would still be using candles to light our houses. Ever since the time the light bulb was invented; there have been many improvements to the design and efficiency. Now, there are many different types of light bulbs to choose from. Uses for bulbs can vary between commercial, residential, dimmable, and specialty. It has never been more important to make sure you are using a bulb that uses low energy. Energy prices are ever-increasing, anyway you can save money will be a help to your personal finances or business.

On this website you will find all the information you will ever want to know about the different types of light bulbs, how they work, their efficiency, and their cost. Whatever you need a low energy bulb for, you will be sure to find the knowledge needed to make an informed and intelligent decision. Please look through all of our articles to become as informed as possible about your options.

Light Bulb Comparison Tool

life span (hrs)
Incandescent$161000Shop Now
Halogen A-Line$$202000Shop Now
White LED$$$$6025000Shop Now
Mercury Vapor$$5010000Shop Now
Linear Flourescent$$6010000Shop Now
Compact Flourescent$$6010000Shop Now
High Pressure Sodium$$$$11824000Shop Now
Metal Halide$$$$8815000Shop Now

Energy Efficient Light Bulb Comparison Video:

Light Bulb Chart:

Top LED Bulbs

This is a handy tool for finding the right LED bulb for you. These lamps go on sale often, so be sure to check for the most current pricing.
Life Span (Hrs)
Price ($)
G7 PowerG7G163302503350008.88
Phillips424382 A19830112200022.00
Philips423798 BR30 Flood73010.52200026.99
G7 PowerGYBR301527D BR301100153500017.22
Enviro BulbOmni-Directional High Performance Dimmable85011.62500019.99
3MAdvanced Light Bulb RRA19B3800132700039.99
Philips429381 A19 Household Bulb80010.5200009.97
HitlightsAfford A19 WWW8WULNo Image66581900013.99
GE69193 Reveal630122000045.99
Philips423756 BR4080014.52400041.96
StarpowerBR30 LED850153000030.00
TaoTronicsTT-LB01 Color Changing Remote Control28065000049.99
Philips423400 R2053082500029.97
HitLightsAfford A19No Image3806500009.99


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